Hand Control Mittens

Features & Benefits

Soft, fiber-filled mitten with hook & loop wrist closure
Breathable coolknit or cotton construction with double-padded design (M2026V)
Coolknit option provides hand visibility
Finger separators help prevent tactile movement
Available with or without strap to limit range of motion if needed
Available with exercise ball to provide 3-D palmar grip for hand therapy (M2041)


Patients at risk of unplanned extubations; Patients who disrupt medical treatment.





Hand Control Mittens w/ Hook & Loop Closure


SizeStyleStrap AttachmentREFQuantity
UniversalCoolknitOptional – TieM2023V-A1 Pair
UniversalCottonM20411 Pair
UniversalCotton Optional – TieM2026V1 Pair
UniversalCotton Optional – BuckleM20341 Pair


Infant & Child Hand Control Mittens


SizeStyleStrap AttachmentREFQuantity
InfantCoolknitNoneM70231 Pair
InfantCoolknitAttached – TieM2023-I1 Pair
ChildCoolknitAttached – TieM2023-C1 Pair
ChildCoolknitNoneM70331 Pair